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March, 2018

Teacher Workshop April 17, 2018

Earth Day and Our Natural Resources will be the theme of our professional development workshop for teachers on April 17th from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Learn new ways to incorporate the topics of soil, water, erosion and more into your curriculum during this two hour program held at the Cook County Farm Bureau. Pre-registration required for this free program by emailing 2 PDCH credits provided.

Farmer Members Join us Tonight for a Policy Discussion Without Leaving your Home

Farm Bureau is hosting a policy discussion on Thursday, March 1 at 7 p.m. 

To participate in the discussion, farmer members will receive an automated call just prior to the discussion asking them if they’d like to participate.  Once on the call, members will be able to hear the discussion, ask questions, and discuss topics of interest to them.  Members will be able to participate using their phones and will not need to travel.

Ag Lit Bit By Diane Merrion

As our logo stares back at me from the computer screen, I can’t help but reflect on how these three words - Food, Farm, Family - came together in a most significant way last month.  Farmers growing food, food feeding families.  Seems simple enough.  It takes a way more circuitous route when you look at it through the eyes of Food Checkout Day’s School Food Drive. Food reaching families who are facing most challenging circumstances.  The heroes of this story are too many to name, but I will take a moment to salute the schools and communities who rallied around this cause once again this year as part of our School Food Drive. Thank you. Thank you also to the Ronald McDonald Charities® whose reach extends to 64 countries and regions throughout the world.  Thank you to farmers who grow the food and to the schools who donated bag after bag, box after box of items.  And thank you to the farmers who reach families every day and not just in what we eat.  As o ...

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Manifolds, Manolos & Bona Heinsohn

Since 2010, Cook County Farm Bureau® has operated a Political Action Committee (PAC) designed to support candidates who are supportive of the policies, priorities and mission of the Farm Bureau while promoting the economic and social well-being of farmers and farm-related interests in Cook County. Since being created, the PAC has made 34 endorsements.  Not all incumbents.  Not all challengers.  Not all major party candidates.  But candidates who Governance Committee members felt would make the largest impact on their District and the County. Members of the Cook CFB PAC Committee are charged with making endorsements.  When considering a candidate, members consider the results of the candidates’ interviews, questionnaires, support of Farm Bureau policies, and when applicable, voting record.  This Primary, alone, Committee members spent 34 hours interviewing candidates and determining endorsements.  34 happy, unpaid, volunteer hours. Of the candidates running for ...

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Downwind by Bob Rohrer, CAE, FBCM, Manager

Downwind by Bob Rohrer “Just Text Me… Later” In 2018, I will “celebrate” the nine-year anniversary of sending my very first text message.  Cake, noisemakers, balloons, and games please… Yes, I was a late comer to this phone phenomenon that nearly everyone takes for granted today. Shockingly, I really have no desire to make up for lost time.  Even my father, the Farmer, sends text messages nowadays...pigs now fly. So, is the world a better place with texting? My children prefer text communication, so this is one way that I can “speak” with them. On the negative side, they may only respond when they get around to it or need something.  It is harder to lecture through this medium… The phone that I learned to text on was a flip phone (see pictured). I found the old phone in a file cabinet the other day… Remember when a smaller, sleeker phone was what it was all about? You’ll remember that the process of sending a simple te ...

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