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August, 2016

4-H Members Benefit from Cook Co. Farm Bureau's Purchase

Gerry Kopping, pictured left along with Jim Gutzmer, pictured centered purchased two animals from the Lake County 4-H auction.  Kopping and Gutzmer are pictured with Julia O’Brien, a member of the Glenview Clovers 4-H Club.  O’Brien raised and sold a 238-pound hog.  O’Brien’s hog along with a lamb will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana and the River Forest/Oak Park Food Pantry.

Manifolds, Manolos & Bona Heinsohn

Earlier this summer, my farmer hosted a tour group on our farm.  Now, I realize that most of you weren’t able to attend.  I get that.  Rather than rescheduling, I’ll walk you through the tour without the drive. We’re a third generation family farm originally located in Lake County.  In the mid-1940’s we relocated to Kirkland.  Since then we’ve grown.  We milk 400 cows twice a day.  And care for 500 young calves and 70 dry (non-milking) cows.  We farm 2,500-acres. The first stop is the calves.  Our calves live in individual huts for approximately 10 weeks until they’re moved into smaller groups.  They’ll stay with those animals the entire time they’re in the herd.  My farmer likes to compare the calves’ small groups to preschool.  And like preschool, they share things.  Mainly germs.  We clean and rotate the huts to ensure that the animals stay healthy.  They’ll move into lar ...

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Downwind by Bob Rohrer, CAE, FBCM, Manager

writing is therapy Reading, 'Riting, "Rithmetic"…the 3 “Rs” of education back in the day.  My lovely Mother was kind enough to keep my grade school report cards that reflected my skills at three “R’s”… not pretty.  And consistently, from year to year, my report cards carried comments from various teachers about how lousy my ‘Riting was…messy, illegible, rushed.  I did not really care…there was Baseball to go play and all that ‘Riting was in the way of fun. The irony is not lost on me now as I write constantly and consistently every day in some way. I recently read a blog article that touted the ”The Psychological Benefits of Writing Regularly” by Gregory Ciotti. The article related various positive attributes to the process and practice of “writing”… Improved memory, thinking, expression, and creativity were identified. It begs the question, who really “writes” now days? The ar ...

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