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April, 2012

Happy Anniversary

February and March were special months at the Farm Bureau and especially for Ag in the Classroom.  During February we witnessed the generosity of our school children, teachers and communities during our Food Checkout Day Gear Up toGive School Food Drive.  Giving is alive and well inCookCounty! Just as that event was wrapping up, we began to get ready for our 25th Anniversary celebration of our Ag in the Classroom Program.  In some ways 25 years doesn’t seem like a long time, but in planning for this event I realize just how long ago 25 years is. First of all, I didn’t have any children 25 years ago.  Actually, I wasn’t even married 25 years ago.  I was a carefree gal living in the city and not envisioning where I would be in 25 years.  While I was going to Cubs games (no, not White Sox games) I wasn’t really thinking about the turf or who decided what turf would work best in Wrigley Field. I didn’t think there was a job focusing on that subject, but I sure did admire how the grass looked!  I was often walki ...

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Life Lessons - Part 2

April 2012 Last month, I “regaled” the members of the Farm Bureau with my first installment of the life lessons I've experienced that now guide my life.  In last month's column, I reported to the world that I had been doing some thinking about my life lessons as some of my children “are building their own” these days! “Life Lessons” are powerful and lasting experiences that have a way of shaping the actions, reactions, decisions, viewpoints, and direction of an individual from that point forward. I also confessed to being a self-declared parent of “vast” wisdom. I am pleased to see my children roll their eyes when I shared in an unsolicited fashion the life lessons I've gained growing up. I've concluded that the eye rolling is a sign of vast respect and utter agreement. Perhaps, I will begin using the eye rolling technique to show others my vast respect and utter agreement for their viewpoints. I hear that eye rolling is the latest in business etiquette ...

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Manifolds, Manolos and Manure

At the end of February, I was given a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity I had fretted over. Prepared for. Saved for. Converted currency for. An opportunity I had under packed for. (Yes, I said under packed.) And what an opportunity it was. On a bleak Saturday afternoon in Chicago, I and thirty of my closest friends boarded the first of what would be many flights over thirteen days. Despite a sixteen hour flight halfway around the globe very few things could dampen our excitement and ultimately our desire to get out and explore. Even though we spent five days between Hong Kong, mainland China and Beijing it wasn’t China and its expansive roads, rolling power outages, death defying drivers, or boned-in delicacies that touched me but India. India which is home to about fifteen percent of the world’s population- second only to China- in a space a third of the size of the United States. India, whose terrain ranges from the Himalayan Mountains in the north, to flat river valleys to deserts and whose climate ...

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