We know it’s Cyber Monday but we are getting ready for “Giving Tuesday”.

We know it’s Cyber Monday but we are getting ready for “Giving Tuesday” (a day when people seek to support charities and nonprofits across the Country) and we hope you are too!

The Cook County Farm Bureau® Foundation will be seeking member and nonmember financial and volunteer support to further the efforts of the Foundation. This includes supporting the March 4 Farming for our Future Gala that will be held at Ruffled Feathers in Lemont, Illinois (click here for details), requesting financial donations to support our Scholarship program for students seeking agricultural related careers, and giving of time to support the many farm and food educational programs that we sponsor throughout the County.

For more information about the Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation, click here. We thank you for your support and have a great Monday!

Please Sign up for Amazon Smile and select Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation as your charity beneficiary

Show Off Your Holiday Cooking Skills!

Show Off Your Holiday Cooking Skills! Contest calls for your best holiday recipes in 5 categories Farm Bureau Affiliated company, Prairie Farms, has set up a contest for individuals willing to share favorite seasonal recipes for the 2016 Party On. Give On. Holiday Recipe Contest. Enter your Recipe and 105 categories: ·        holiday spirits ·        appetizers ·        cookies ·        candy ·        cakes/pies In each of these five categories, a grand prize winner will receive a $250 visa gift card and $100 in Prairie Farms coupons. The winners of the other four categories will receive $50 in coupons. All entries will be eligible to win dairy prize packages through a weekly random drawing. Each entry must include a minimum of two Prairie Farms Products. You must also include the recipe titl ...

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Faces of Cook County Family Farming

Faces of Cook County Farming

Faces of Cook County Family Farming

Winter~Holiday Container Member Workshop offered at Jim Melka's Garden Center! Register now!

Farm Bureau Actively Opposed Beverage Tax

For nearly 100 years the Cook County Farm Bureau® has strived to bridge the gap between farmers and our urban neighbors. As a partner in the food and beverage industry we are concerned about a beverage tax in Cook County. Cook County residents already face heightened taxes that negatively impact the county’s business climate, like the increase in sales tax.  Commissioners should not be considering another tax that will hurt businesses and job growth in Cook County. A beverage tax will hurt families in Cook County by increasing costs and cutting jobs. The beverage industry’s presence is felt across the state from can manufacturers to delivery drivers to grocers, restaurants, and our member’s movie theaters. Nearly 100,000 Illinois residents are either directly or indirectly employed by the non-alcoholic beverage industry.  These jobs create $6.2 billion in wages. The proposed tax will add 68 cents to the price of a two-liter bottle.  This is a 68 percent tax on a comm ...

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Ag Lit Bit by Diane Merrion

Male and Female Pine cones, pumpkin blossoms, corn, presidential candidates. All involve males and females.  On November 8th we will have a new President and, as of this writing, we don’t know if it will be a historic first female or another male filling the role.   As I was working with teachers to prepare for fall and winter lessons I began to explore the role of males and females in nature and agriculture.  While gathering pine cones from the farm bureau parking lot (with the intent to discuss conifers), I was intrigued by the varying sizes and shapes of the cones.  Upon further investigation I came to understand the role of the male and female pine cones (who knew?) during pollination and how in spring the female pine cones accept pollen from the male pine cones as it is released through the air. What an interesting connection to our earlier lesson on how corn is pollinated by the male tassel reaching the female silks resulting in those delicious kernels of corn. &nbs ...

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Downwind by Bob Rohrer, CAE, FBCM, Manager

Farm Bureau is not Free Beware of the Word “free”.  Free advice.  A Free meal to listen to the pitch for the condo. A Free puppy. Winning a free car (taxes are only $10,000). Free, complimentary hotel breakfast. Free friend labor. Free usually comes with a cost. A few years ago, my wife and I were offered a “free” hot tub from one of her coworkers. All we had to do was “simply pick it up”. The message was “the hot tub works great but is being underutilized”. Another weak moment…we needed a hot tub like a kick in the head. The “simply pick it up” process was immediately complicated…multiple personalities of our family/friend helpers, the borrowing of a trailer and equipment, logistics, and hot tube size challenges. I recall many hands moving the giant, awkward monolith off a deck, through narrow fence gates, onto an undersized trailer, through  flower gardens (by rolling it like a snowball) to its new home… the b ...

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Manifolds, Manolos & Bona Heinsohn

Over 20 years ago, our family farm was shockingly different than the farm it is today.  What isn’t different is our commitment to caring for our animals and raising a high quality food product.  Regardless if we’re milking 100 cows or 400 cows, we provide them with high quality care; feed that is tailored to each animals’ stage of life; shelter from the harsh Midwest weather; and veterinarian care when needed. Like many other farms, our farm is located in an unincorporated area.  On our main farm, we have two wells.  One that supplies only the dairy barn and one that supplies the dairy barn and house.  We have a septic system.  Our animals’ waste is stored in manure lagoons or slurry stores and then injected into the soil minimizing run-off.  Our policing is provided by the county.  Fire services are provided by the fire protection district.  Unfortunately, this is a service we’ve had to rely on before.  Like many of our neig ...

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