State hands-free calling rules also apply to farm equipment on roads.

    Talking or texting with a hand-held device is illegal while operating any motor vehicle, including farm equipment, on a public road. 

The Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week was held April 24-28, 2017.  This week was dedicated to raising awareness of the law regarding handheld phone use for talking or texting which is prohibited by all motor vehicle operators when on a public road.

It is important to note that this ban applies to operators of implements of husbandry such as tractors and self-propelled farm equipment. In addition, all cell phone use including hands-free devices is prohibited:

  • while driving in a school zone
  • while driving in a highway construction zone
  • if you are a novice driver

Texting while driving is prohibited for all Illinois drivers.

As farmers move from field to field this spring, the Cook County Farm Bureau® hopes that this planting season is a safe one for all Illinois farmers in the field and on the road.