35 Cook County Farm Bureau members had a behind the scenes tour of Ted’s Greenhouse operation last Saturday, November 17th.  Owner, Dan Biernacki and staff lead the tour of the greenhouse operations and demonstrated the many facets of its operation including seeding, propagation cuttings, perennials and so much more! 

Lovers of plants and flowers were able to view the greenhouses filled with beautiful plants, foliage, herbs, cacti, poinsettias and more.  Owner Ted Biernacki was also on hand to meet with members and share his expertise.

The tour wound down with Karen Biernacki and family serving an unexpected treat of hot dogs, popcorn and lemonade to the members before they were on their way.  It was a terrific event that provided insight into the magnitude of agricultural knowledge and expertise that is required in greenhouse operations; thank you Biernacki Family.      Ted’s Greenhouse is located at 16930 S. 84th Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477