Call today to schedule your Agriculture in the Classroom one hour program.  Our professional presenter visits each 4th grade classroom at your school to teach students the farm to table concept including how food and fuel is produced, processed and distributed.  The program connects to all classroom concepts, especially science and social studies and fits into Common Core and NGSS standards.  Students will have thoughtful discussion, hands-on activities and follow-up materials to bring home.  The free program is available to Cook County schools and consists of two offerings for 4th grade and one middle school science-based presentation.  Email or call 708-354-3276 to schedule a visit between September and May. The mission of the Ag Literacy program is to expand students' awareness and appreciation for the importance of agriculture everywhere.  The Cook County Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom Program visited over 300 schools in 2016 and taught to over 25,000 students.  Visit for more information.