The Cook County Farm Bureau is frequently contacted by individuals and municipalities interested in beekeeping.  Through a partnership with the Cook DuPage Beekeepers Association, Farm Bureau members and interested families have learned the ins and outs of beekeeping through various programs and educational events.

Through assistance from Farm Bureau staff, municipalities and interested organizations have developed policy and ordinances supportive of urban beekeeping.

Farm Bureau members responding to the 2014 Viewpoint Survey, which was partially funded through the Illinois Farm Bureau® Advanced Policy Development Grant, support enhancing Farm Bureau’s role with urban beekeeping.  To accomplish that goal, Farm Bureau members are considering policy directing the organization to assist municipalities to draft municipal ordinances supportive of raising bees providing that the municipality contacts the Farm Bureau and requests assistance.

Members are encouraged to contact Bona Heinsohn at (708) 354-3276 or via email at with any questions or comments regarding this policy.