Ninety-four percent of Cook County Farm Bureau® voting members responding to the 2014 Viewpoint Survey believe that elected officials should be held to ethical standards.

In 2012, Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine imposed by the Ethics Board after the Board determined that he violated the County’s anti-nepotism laws by hiring his sister and son shortly after assuming the Assessor’s office in 2010.  It’s important to note that Berrios did not hire his sister, but he did promote her and offer her a $10,000 per year raise.  Since being ordered to pay the fine and to terminate his family members, Berrios has stated that the County’s Ethics Ordinance does not apply to him.  The applicability of the Ethics Ordinance and purview of the Ethics Board is now being determined by the Cook County Courts at the taxpayer’s expense.

Farm Bureau members are considering a policy supporting elected officials being held to ethical standards, including but not limited to those prohibiting nepotism.

Members are encouraged to contact Bona Heinsohn at (708) 354-3276 or via email at to voice their thoughts on this issue or any others.