What do you consider to be the major issue(s) as it pertains to the office you are seeking facing Cook County?  (1) The in-house legal staff seems to be unable to handle the work; maybe because they are not fully qualified to do so or are understaffed and overworked.  (2)  Too often decisions are made and policies changed with no input from community or citizens groups.  All stakeholders should have some input into any changes.  (3)  Invasive species such as the voracious Asian Carp have become a great economic problem because of the linkage of the Great Lakes with the Mississippi River watershed.  Greater efforts must be made to keep this under control.

What avenues do you see to reduce government spending and waste?  The MWRD has a judgment against it of more than $35,000,000 in a case involving an easement in an alley.  MWRD has had to hire additional outside legal assistance from very expensive outside law firms.  The judgment should have ben avoided in the first place.  To that end a better qualified and better trained in-house legal staff must be developed.

Please, briefly describe your background and qualifications for the office you are seeking.
  I was a high school social studies teacher in the Chicago Public Schools but am now retired.  I received a masters degree from the University of Illinois Chicago in public policy analysis.


Karen Roothaan and Michael Smith did not return surveys.