On Wednesday, August 27 and Tuesday, September 16 Cook County Farm Bureau is hosting a Cook County farm-business/food processor tour for Cook County government staff.  

The program will provide County staff with an enhanced understanding of Cook County farms-businesses and how they relate to Cook County government.

Possible tour stops include: a commercial vertical farming operation that distributes locally; a local vegetable distributor that distributes to Chicagoland’s food service entities; a premier Chicagoland dessert and sweets processor; and a specialty meats processor.  All tour sites will be located in Cook County.  There are no repeat sites from the 2013 program.

The program is designed to provide County staff with valuable and applicable information about Cook County farmers and businesses.  

Anyone interested in attending the program should contact Bona Heinsohn at (708) 354-3276 or via email at bona@cookcfb.org.