We Highlight “ALL” Teachers This Month May is here! It’s a month I’ve always loved as the weather turns warm, the planting season is upon us, and many celebrations occur including May Day, Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day. I know as children we don’t always appreciate our teachers, but during the week of May 7th, we all celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. What teachers stand out in your mind from the past? One of my most favorite teachers was Miss Spark. I still remember her from 1st grade as if it was yesterday. She was patient, kind, smart and so beautiful (as I recall). Then, flash forward many years and there was Dr. R., my Geography Professor. Oh how I remember him. For those of you who don’t know, I am “directionally challenged” so having my final exam in Geography requiring you to name hundreds of random places on a world map was not my thing. Not one of my more favorite teacher memories. Most of us can remember many of our teacher’s names and recall stories about them and their classes. I realize the memories are not always positive, but nonetheless, they make an indelible mark on us. Other than family members, teachers probably stand out in our minds more than any other people in our lives. As I wrapped up Ag Days this month I was thankful for the more than 50 teachers who felt agriculture was something important for their 3rd grade students to learn more about. Often it is teachers who provide a window to the world for their students by exposing them to things they would not experience on their own. We hope that these students will always remember their experiences at Chicago High School for Ag Sciences and Wagner Farms and have a new found appreciation for agriculture in some way, shape or form. Yes, Ms. Hanson, Ms. Nelepa, and Ms. Cozzi to name a few! You allowed your students to think differently about a soybean, understand how many rows are on an ear or corn, realize a pig creates food, paint brushes and insulin, touch a cow, pig and sheep, laugh at the process of creating manure (always a distraction), think about a job they’ll do someday that involves agriculture, touch and see worms and learn about tons of really cool plants and the world of horticulture. As May finds us “Appreciating Teachers”, I hope you have a fond memory to reflect upon from your school days. Feel free to share on Facebook at aitc@cookcfb.org (Ag in the Classroom).