Known for its iconic advertising campaign and its cool mint packing, Doublemint® became the third flavor of the Wrigley’s brand, joining Spearmint® and Juicy Fruit® in 1914.  Named for its unique double distillation process, Doublemint® gum has since become one of the largest selling gums in the world and is available in 140 countries.  

Doublemint®’s fame is perhaps second only to its iconic advertising duo, the Doublemint Twins.  Debuting in 1939, the Twins have been part of one of the most successful and long lasting adverting campaign ever created. Early campaigns featured double piano players, double violinists, and double comedians.  As part of the campaign, billboards lining roadways secured the Doublemint twins as part of American’s heritage and rooted them in American’s imaginations.  In the 1960’s the twins became part of the airways after debuting on television.

Wrigley’s uses an unique double distillation process when making Doublemint® gum, which is light years beyond the early 1800s when lumps of spruce gum were sold in the eastern United States.  Modern gum products evolved from a chicle-based gum brought to the US in the early 1860s, which led to paraffin and eventually to man-made latex.  Latex is further divided into two major categories, chewing and bubble.

Modern gum, including Doublemint® is made through an eight step process that begins with the melting and purifying of the gum base.  The gum base along with the ingredients, sweetners and flavors are then slowly mixed until the mixture is made into a “loaf”.  The loaf is then ran through a series of rollers that form it into a thin, wide ribbon.  Each roller is set closer together than the previous pair, gradually reducing the thickness of the gum ribbon.  Sugar or a sugar substitute is added to the gum ribbon to keep it from sticking and to enhance the flavor.  At the end of the rolling process the gum ribbon is scored then cooled.  After cooling, the scored gum is broke into smaller pieces then fed into a spray drier that forms the crunchy coating around the gum center.  The final step before sale is wrapping and packaging.  Many gum connoisseurs may argue that the final step is actually enjoyment, but for the purposes of manufacturing the final step is packing and preparing the gum for transport to consumers in America and throughout the world.

The Doublemint Twins fame is perhaps second to only Doublemint® gum, which is one of the widest sold gums in the world and has been an American favorite since 1914.

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company’s website, provided the background information for this feature article.