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Ag Lit Bit ...By Nicole Zeien

Czech Out Agriculture Starting on May 24th I embarked on a 2 1/2 week journey to the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. This was a study abroad trip with Oklahoma State Agricultural Education department. Our main location was Prague, Czech Republic. As we flew in I remember asking my friend what the main agricultural product was here in the Czech Republic. We could instantly see fields of canola and wheat. Our host Honza explained to our group that it was used for animal feed more than human consumption. He also explained that they grew sugar beet. As we could see when visiting farms a majority of the fields were for the local farmers. Instead of having commercial operations and growing the crops for resale, the farms would grow the crops to feed their animals. While on our trip we visited a poultry processing plant, a dairy farm, and a Czech red cattle farm. A company called Rabbit owns the poultry plant. They initially started the company to sell rabbit meat, which is popular in the Czech Republic. ...

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Former AFBF President Dean Kleckner passes away

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Dean Kleckner, (82) former President of the American Farm Bureau Federation and former Chairman of the Truth About Trade and Technology organization (amongst many local, state, national and international leadership roles in agriculture).  Mr. Kleckner was from Iowa.  I can remember back in the early 1990’s spending a great day with Mr. Kleckner.  I picked him up at the Quincy Airport and showed him the agricultural sights of Adams County prior to his keynote speech for the Adams County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting.  I remember him as a kind, gracious, and engaging man who cared deeply about farmers and the agricultural connections of rural people.  Rest in peace, Mr. Kleckner…agriculture will miss you.

Bob Rohrer, Manager

Open Letter to Consumers by Ginger Byers

I’ve known my farmer since 2000. I worked at a small farm supply store while I was in college (to be an athletic trainer) and that is where I met him. I was not a farm girl. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and I didn’t even know what FFA was until I met him. My grandparents on both sides farmed and so did (and still does) my uncle. I had farming in my blood and then I married a farmer (as my grandmother hoped I would) I didn’t know anything about agriculture even though I was so close to it. Two years ago I decided to quit my job to spend more time with my farmer and son. I was working a 2nd shift more or less and I didn’t see them all that often. I was going to do computer work from home to supplement my income. I had done the books for our farm for a few years and so I thought I could help my farmer on the farm when he needed it. No big deal. How hard could it be to shuffle equipment and run errands for him? This lasted about 6 months before my farmer had an opportunity come ...

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National Volunteer Week

It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to publicly thank and honor the tremendous group of volunteers that serve our organization, the Cook County Farm Bureau, on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  We are blessed to have so many outstanding volunteers that serve on the Board of Directors, Team Structure, and in a multitude of programming activities and advisory roles throughout the year. Your talents and skills are on display for the world to see and what the world “sees” is Excellence!  The many successes achieved by the Cook County Farm Bureau, the CCFB Foundation, the Ag Literacy program, and the Political Action Committee are a direct result of the commitment and energy of local farmers, farm owners, and agricultural supporters that give beyond your personal lives to further the cause of a greater and stronger agriculture in Cook County.  Sunday marked the beginning of National Volunteer Week. This week is a 40 year tradition of honoring the work in service of v ...

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Thank you to all of those who participated in the 15th Annual Food Checkout Day

Cook County Farm Bureau® celebrated Food Checkout Day by collecting food items, hosting a scavenger hunt and shopping spree to benefit local Ronald McDonald Houses and by encouraging farmers, Country Financial Agencies, 4-H members, and students to participate in a food drive. We truly appreciate your support and commitment to this great event!! 

Today we celebrate Food Checkout Day 2015!!

Today we celebrate Food Checkout Day!! Through our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House, this program celebrates the connection between farmers and the healthy and nutritious food they grow while bringing to light the number of families still struggling to feed their families. Thank you Cook County Farm Bureau Board Members for bringing us our final countdown picture and for your commitment to this great event!


CCFB Commodities and Marketing Team help "Countdown" to Food Checkout Day

Members of the Farm Bureau's Commodities and Marketing Team took a few moments before the last Team meeting to join us in counting down the few remaining days till this year's Food Checkout Day

Container Gardening in Your Classroom

We are excited to host the Director of Education, Kevin Daugherty, from Illinois Ag in the Classroom for a workshop on March 16th, 2015 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Cook County Farm Bureau, 6438 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL. 

This interactive workshop will provide teachers with many ideas on how to use container gardens in their classroom.  Ties to science, math, social studies and language arts will be highlighted!!  Teachers will leave with lessons and materials to implement the very next day. Applications for a container garden grant  for classrooms will be distributed as well!    

Pre-registration required by emailing or by calling Diane Merrion, Ag Literacy Coordinator at 708-354-3276.

Discussion of Fixed Cash Lease (Short Form for One Year)

Discussion of Fixed Cash Lease (Short Form for One Year) Donald L. Uchtmann and Gary Schnitkey Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics University of Illinois  farmdoc daily (4):228 Recommended citation format: Uchtmann, D., and G. Schnitkey. "Discussion of Fixed Cash Lease (Short Form for One Year)." farmdoc daily (4):228, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, November 25, 2014. Permalink URL A new farmland lease form called "Fixed Cash Lease (Short Form for One Year)" is available on the farmdoc website (PDF and Word). This lease is for a fixed cash rent that is one-year in length. The form allows for extensions to be made at the end of the one-year term. Many of the issues that have to be dealt with in longer-termed leases do not have to be dealt with in a lease of one-year in length. Terms and ...

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Janet McCabe isn’t exactly working in a low-stress field...

As a critical care nurse in Orland Park, Ill., Janet McCabe isn’t exactly working in a low-stress field. It’s no surprise that, come weekend, she’s ready for a break. But Janet’s version of working for the weekend isn’t working all week so she can take a break — it’s working all week so she can farm.

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