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2017-2018 School Calendar from Illinois Ag in the Classroom

We are proud to say our program is thriving after 30+ years of bringing agriculture education into your classrooms.  Agriculture can be incorporated in to the concepts you already teach. We provide in-school field trips discussing the farm to table process, teacher resources, professional development, workshops, and special programs. 

What we do:

The Cook County Ag Literacy Program works to ensure teachers in Cook County have resources to enable them to incorporate agriculture into their existing curriculum, as well as provide agricultural education opportunities for children in Cook County. Our lessons compliment Common Core and Next Generation Science standards.  

Use the tabs above to navigate through our program offerings including:

*4th Grade free school visits

*Teacher Resources 

*Middle School free Science Program  

*Special programs 

What do you think about AITC? (Testimonials)

Letter sent by teacher:

"Parents,     I just thought I would email you this afternoon with a "dinner-time conversation tidbit."  Tonight, be sure to ask your child about their experience with Agriculture in the Classroom.  Today, we had the wonderful opportunity to have Jim Bloomstrand come to all of the fourth grade classrooms throughout the day to present on the topic of Agriculture in Illinois (as part of our larger Illinois unit).  Jim is on the board of directors of the Cook County Farm Bureau.  He is an experienced farmer who, in addition to being an Agriculture in the Classroom regular presenter, also currently works at the historic Wagner Farm in northern Cook County.  His presentation was fantastically informative, hands-on, real life, and full of practical and current content.  We are always grateful to our friends at the Cook Country Farm Bureau for their support in our classroom and are extra thankful to Mr. Bloomstrand for his time and dedication."

"Through the program each year, I have become more aware of agriculture in this great state. I love the visuals that are used."  Survey feedback

"I am so impressed by the wealth of resources that have been provided to me-lectures, classroom materials, field trips, etc." Survey feedback